If Eating as a Meal:

Build quantity that support Caloric target but you must also ensure you incorporate of your Macro’s (Protein, Carbs, Fats):

Healthy Fats (ex avocado, nuts seeds or use a dressing that has a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive oil or coconut oil) as well as a your protein (with minimum 4oz).

Remember your dressing will add some fat content as well as calories. Whether you make one from Scratch or purchase store bought look for calories per serving (aim for 2 tbsp) to be under 80 (the fewer the better), Carbs under 8g and Fats under 5g per serving. Also pay attention to the sodium levels if purchasing store bought. Keep your daily intake under 10%.

If Eating a Salad as a side (as a Vegetable component) adjust serving size to meet your caloric goal.


* 4 Cups of Spinach, Romaine, Kale, Mixed greens etc. The Darker the Greens the better they are for you (more nutrients and not just empty calories)

* Load up on Veggies 1-2 cups of your choice. Reference the Calorie sheet. Most veggies are going to be very few calories however you need to get used to which ones are a higher value and pay more attention to how much you are adding (IE peas, corn)

*Add your Protein. Depending on your Calorie goals you will need to vary this portion based on the type of meat you want to use in your salad. Minimum add 4 oz of Protein to keep this “Meal” Balanced.

* Add your Dressing Keeping in mind serving size. Limit to 2tbsp. If eating out- ask for dressing on the side. If the dressing is oil based a little goes a long way. Sometimes making a simple dressing at home with fresh flavours.

Salads are a quick & Easy and can be changed in so many ways that the combinations should keep the feeling of “eating a salad again” away. Get creative and mix up the flavour combinations.